Viva Launched Viva V1 Feature Phone in India at Just Rs 349

The Viva V1 - a feature phone with 1.44-inch display, comes with a price tag of just Rs. 349 and it will be exclusively available on Shopclues. Scroll down to read more...!

Viva V1 Feature Phone

VIVA, an Indian mobile start-up launched the cheapest mobile phone, VIVA V1 in India. The VIVA V1 holds the privilege of being the first mobile phone to be launched by VIVA. It is available at an unbelievable price point of Rs.349 exclusively on Shopclues website, thus fulfilling VIVA’s vision which is to provide the latest technology to the Indian mobile users at an affordable price.

Viva V1 SpecificationsViva-V1 Specifications

The VIVA V1 comes with a 1.44-inch monochrome display and a keypad. The technology makes the display visible at any time of the day. With a wide range of mobile phones already available in the market at this price point, the VIVA V1 stands out by offering features like a Vibrator, FM Radio, Torchlight, 650mah battery, and a chance to revisit the Legendary Snake game. The VIVA V1 comprises of all the mid-range functionalities at an exceptional price point.Viva V1As far as the basic specifications are concerned VIVA V1 has Single SIM 2G Calling with SMS, Phonebook, Calculator, Calendar, and much more. VIVA takes pride in VIVA V1 as the phone is Made in India, and is currently available in Blue/Orange variant. The device also comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty provided by VIVA. The company is also looking forward to launching more innovative and exclusive devices in the 1.44-inch mobile phone category.



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